Virtual Cosmic Yoga Party w/ Erika Contreras & DJ Taz Rashid

Monday May 18,2020 7pm CST (zoom class link will be emailed after sign up and also the day before the class)


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Unreleased Albums & Secret Covers of the 2020 Tour - DJ Taz Rashid

  • Want DJ Taz Rashid secret unreleased music of 2020?
  • Four unreleased albums by DJ Taz Rashid planning to release in fall 2020 and 2021. Enjoy all the beats and music for your yoga classes, personal meditation practice, guided meditations, massage/bodywork and easy listening.
  • Highly sought after covers and remixes by DJ Taz Rashid (Unreleased)
  • (Only $19)

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DJ Taz brings a yogi’s heart, body and soul to the flow of a yoga experience, the dance floor or the alchemy of life with his full-spectrum mixes from chill to rocking. - Shiva Rea, Global Yoga Teacher

"I play DJ Taz Rashid’s music in almost all of my classes and we have collaborated at festivals for almost a decade. His music is soul filling and booty satisfying. He’s also taught me a life hanging lesson in TRULY aligning breath to body.” - Schuyler Grant, National Director of Yoga, Wanderlust Festivals

“DJ Taz will take you on a journey!! his sound currents pave the way for the deepest movement meditation with mixes for all moods, seasons and settings. I love integrating these conscious mixes into my yoga and meditation practice and classes. Filled with love and gratitude!” - Mary Tilson Yoga

What a tremendous spirit! DJ Taz has an intuitive connection to grace of prayer through movement. The rhythms and beats he adds help propel the practice deeper within and without, as we meet each other in the devotion of the breath and movement. -Janet Stone, Global Yoga Teacher