Together @ Home 4 My Birthday! May 6th, 2020

May 6, 530-6:45 pm CST Yoga with Jill Mockaitis and Music by DJ Taz Rashid $15 NO promo codes!


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May 6, 530-6:45
Together @ Home 4 My Birthday!
$15 NO promo codes!
What better way to spend my birthday in Quarantine then with all of my yoga friends over a yoga class, awesome music and a great big cheers! You’re officially invited to my 33rd birthday party with DJ Taz!  Enjoy a 75 minute feel-good vinyasa class with music choreographed to match the sequence perfectly. I hope you can come and flow with us!  If you don’t come I’ll kill myself.
(Kidding about that last part ;-) )